The Caresine cares the beauty. It is 100 % indian company, produces grade one cosmetic items inland. The first aim of Caresine is, easy to reach and easy to buy. It has Delhi based production centre now. Company wants an another manufacturing unit in Uttarakhand or North-east. Our strong distribution network works under our aim, easy to reach. Our distribution grows slowly on district-to-district and state-to-state but not intermittently. Our focus is on urban and rural market too. At present we distribute our products under traditional distribution system, not e-marketing. Caresine management has long lasting vision to catch the customer’s views and interests. So, our publicity of products is growing on fast. Caresine is a registerd company under Indian companies act 1953. Caresine is trademark owner.

Cosmetic products of Caresine are cheaper than other like companies under our aim, easy to buy. Mostly products of Caresine are herbal and made by natural raw things. Caresine acts his positive role in Indian economy.