20-Aloevera-Gel-100gm 16-Gold-Gel-50,-450gm
Moisturising & Purifying Beauty Gel  

A Unique Gel To Moisturise Skin,Heal Burns& Cuts,Treat Acne & also Moisturise Skin Texture. For Sensitive Skin.

Nourshing Massage Gel  

Blending of Several Aroma Essences With Gold Leaf Increases Blood circulation. The Touch of Gold on Your Skin. Enhances The Body Energy Level & Gives Shine To The Skin.

Available in 100 gm Available in 50, 450 gm.
After Waxing Gel
Calming, Revitalizing, Post Depilatory Skin Conditioner Specially Formulated for Sensitive Places Such as Underarms and Facial Areas. Contains Natural Antiflammatory Properties; Significantly Reduce Redness after Waxing. Cool Instantly, Smooths and Refreshes the Skin. Removes all Wax Residues.
Available in 500 ml